Arriving in Amsterdam

I just arrived in Amsterdam and will be flying to Tanzania in just a few days! I am so excited for this opportunity (and definitely a little nervous), but no matter what I will surely learn a lot. While we are there, we will be working at homes and schools for kids with a variety of different physical disabilities, and we will be learning about their experiences. I am especially interested in learning about what it is like to have a disability in Tanzania. We will be in home stays for 2 weeks of our month-long trip, and we will get to learn a lot about Tanzanian culture through that experience. They do speak some English in Tanzania, but we will also be (hopefully) picking up some Swahili, which is their main language there.  At the end of our trip we will also go on a safari and get to see many of the animals of Africa — in the country much of the Lion King was based off of!

I’m not sure how often I will be able to post, but I do know that I’d love to share my experiences and pictures with anyone who is interested. I will arrive in Tanzania on Friday.


Travels in Tanzania

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