Day 16: school for the blind

For a few days I volunteered at the school for the blind, which was so wonderful. I learned so much about what it means to be a student with low vision and what the education system is like here. The students loved us, and I loved talking to them about their lives as well. Some students asked to use my camera and took so many pictures of me and of all their friends together. A lot of the students here are not totally blind, but they have very low vision and seeing a page to read is difficult. Them using a camera allowed the kids to look back at the picture and see some things they normally weren’t able to because they are far away! 
A lot of people here actually have a hard time saying my name too, and a lot of times I told the kids they laughed. At first I wasn’t sure why, but they always think I say embe, which means mango in Swahili! The next day they came they came up to me really excited saying mango in English.
Some of the kids also wanted to teach me Braille, which was so cool! They have Braille typewriters and they showed me how to read and type the alphabet and numbers. Even though not all the students are completely blind, they all learn how to use Braille. They also really help each other out with everything.
I’ve really been loving my host family, and it’s so great to talk to our baba and mama about Tanzania and living here, and they ask us about the US too. Our baba applied for a grant for beekeeping through Bread for the World, which my church donates to at home! I love hearing about all his ideas for Tanzania. I also love playing with our sister, Dorothy, and singing some english songs she is learning. It will be so sad to leave them in a couple weeks.

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