Day 1: Arrival in Dar es Salaam

I arrived in Tanzania pretty much 24 hours ago, and it already seems like that was so long ago since we have done so much! We started the morning with a nice walk, and as expected, everyone on the street was incredibly friendly and some even stopped to chat with us. Even though we are just outside Tanzania’s biggest city, the scenery is so green and beautiful too. We spent the afternoon at Watoto Kwanza, which is a home for children with different physical disabilities. It was great to see just how loved they were, and the owner showed us how interacting with people who are super encouraging and loving really helps the kids see all the potential they have. I especially enjoyed helping them with their english schoolwork because although they were young, many were excited to lean english and they were much more comfortable speaking with us once they got to know us. They are such a happy bunch, and I feel like watching them just shows how abled they really are. 

My first impressions really are that people here are so incredibly friendly and they are so relaxed. People don’t seem so high strung and worried about things happening on time or going just perfectly since they know it will all work out and be great anyway. While this morning seems so long ago, I know that I will learn so much throughout the whole trip, especially about the culture and hopefully some Swahili! The one thing I really wished today was that I could have picked up more Swahili before I came, but some will come with time. It really is a beautiful language, and while it’s okay to get by with English so far, I’d love to be able to converse a bit in the language of Tanzania.

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